Welcome to Germanyís No. 1 Indiepop Label! We released over 100 records in the last 15 years, including great bands and artists like Mighty Mighty, Skint & Demoralised, Sensation, Desert Wolves, The Bodines, Goldstoned, Hey Paulette!, The Groovy Cellar, Shy, The Nivens or Amber Smith, to name but a few.

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02 November 2014
Good news! We found two boxes of the long sold out releases FST073 (The Bodines) and FST045 (one our wonderful samplers with songs you always wanted to hear)! But hurry, only a few are left!

29 September 2014
Popfest weekend was fantastic! Thanks to all the great bands and lovely guests! It was a pleasure to spend time with you and enjoy loads of great music!

26 September 2014
Happy release day! FST111 Black Cillas, FST112 Loor A Los Heroes and FST113 Sometimes Sartre is out today!

24 September 2014
Finally, our third "secret" release this month arrived at FST head quarter! We proudly present: Loor A Los Heroes
Together with the spanish label Pretty Olivia Records we release their first 12" vinyl called 'Neath The Moon! It's limited to 300 copies and contains four new recordings.

12 September 2014
Only two weeks until Popfest Berlin! We're looking forward to celebrate indie pop and beyond with: Spearmint, The Popguns, Fire Island Pines, The Flatmates, Loor A Los Heroes, The Understudies, Trambeat, Woog Riots, Lost Tapes and YOU! Of course we will also celebrate the release of our three new releases, which will be available at the festival among loads of other records at our indie pop record fare!

05 September 2014
Two new retrospectives at a stroke! FST111 Black Cillas "Step Outside Love" and FST 113 Sometimes Sartre "Songs To Hum In Days To Come: A Sometimes Sartre Retrospective 1985-1989" Both to be released on September 26th. And there will be one more release (FST112) coming this September...

20 August 2014
September is not far away! Three new releases to come! Stay tuned!

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