Welcome to Germanyís No. 1 Indiepop Label! We released over 100 records in the last 15 years, including great bands and artists like Mighty Mighty, Skint & Demoralised, Sensation, Desert Wolves, The Bodines, Goldstoned, Hey Paulette!, The Groovy Cellar, Shy, The Nivens or Amber Smith, to name but a few.

FST132 Spy (CD)
FST131 Hipflasks (CD)
FST130 Emily (2xLP)
FST130 Emily (2xCD)
FST137 Arvidson(LP)
FST133 The Nivens (LP)
FST122 The Bridge (LP)
FST128 The Hardy Boys (12")
FST127 Ala Pana Fuzo (12")
FST126 Dubious Brothers (LP)
FST125 The Love Parade (CD)
FST123 The Banzai Babies (CD)
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13 January 2016
We just updated our website with a bunch of new releases from Emily, Spy, Arvidson, Hipflasks and The Nivens coming out next month on Feb 5th! Have a look and listen! And if you like what you hear and see pre-order now!

1 January 2016
Happy new year! We're looking forward to an exciting year full of great new releases! Stay tuned!

9 October 2015
Happy release day! Records from Love Parade, The Banzai Babies, Ala Pana Fuzo, McCrei, Dubious Brothers and The Hardy Boys are released today! But there's not much time for us to celebrate, we have to prepare our forthcoming releases!

23 September 2015
We may have been quiet, but we haven't been quiescent! A bunch of new releases will be out on October 9th! Check out our updated catalogue and pre-order now!

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