Welcome to Germanyís No. 1 Indiepop Label! We released over 100 records in the last 15 years, including great bands and artists like Mighty Mighty, Skint & Demoralised, Sensation, Desert Wolves, The Bodines, Goldstoned, Hey Paulette!, The Groovy Cellar, Shy, The Nivens or Amber Smith, to name but a few.

FST128 The Hardy Boys (12")
FST127 Ala Pana Fuzo (12")
FST126 Dubious Brothers (LP)
FST125 The Love Parade (LP)
FST125 The Love Parade (CD)
FST124 McCrei (7")
FST123 The Banzai Babies (CD)
FST122 The Bridge (CD)
FST121 The Train Set (CD)
FST120 The Siddeleys (12")
FST119 The Reflection A.O.B. (CD/LP)
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9 October 2015
Happy release day! Records from Love Parade, The Banzai Babies, Ala Pana Fuzo, McCrei, Dubious Brothers and The Hardy Boys are released today! But there's not much time for us to celebrate, we have to prepare our forthcoming releases!

23 September 2015
We may have been quiet, but we haven't been quiescent! A bunch of new releases will be out on October 9th! Check out our updated catalogue and pre-order now!

3 July 2015
Happy release day! Five brand new releases are out today!

3 June 2015
New releases coming! We're looking forward to FST119 The Reflection A.O.B., FST120 The Siddeleys, FST121 The Train Set and FST122 The Bridge! All out in July! More info coming soon - stay tuned!

10 April 2015
Happy release day! FST118 A Riot Of Colour "Everywhere a Maltby" (CD) and FST099 The Bridge "Face Down Everybody Looks The Same" (LP) are out today!

3 April 2015
One of our most successful release will be out on vinyl: FST099 The Bridge "Face Down Everybody Looks the Same". The LP contains 11 tracks and is limited to 200 handnumbered copies! Out next Friday, April 10th!

31 March 2015
New release coming! FST118 A Riot of Colour "Everywhere a Maltby" will be out on April 10th! Feel free to pre-order now!

25 March 2015
Good news, bad news! The Sullivans LP is sold out now, but the CD is back in stock!

13 March 2015
Happy release day! FST116 The Sullivans "Somewhere Songs" (LP) and FST117 Trambeat "Tales from the comprehensives" are out today!

1 March 2015
Just a quick reminder! Pre-sale for our two next vinyl releases starts this Friday, March 6th! Both will be released one week later on March, 13th.

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