Firestation Records is a german Indie-Pop-Label based in Berlin. We released about 90 records in the last 15 years, including great bands and artists like Mighty Mighty, Skint & Demoralised, Sensation, Desert Wolves, The Bodines, Goldstoned, Hey Paulette!, The Groovy Cellar, Shy, The Nivens or Amber Smith, to name but a few.

One of the highlights in our catalogue is the "Sound Of Leamington Spa"- series, six CD- compilations full of classic POP!- tunes from the eighties.

The label was founded way back 1998 by three friends Annikki Kretschmer, Uwe Weigmann and Jan Kühn. Their most important motivation to start the label was to bring the music they love closer to the friends and musiclovers all over the world. They named it Firestation Tower Records after a song by the legendary british band The Close Lobsters.

Unfortunatly they had to rename it and after some personal changes, Firestation Records is now run by Uwe and Olaf Zocher. Stay tuned for more great records in the future!
/// Team

Founder/Label Manager: Uwe
uwe [at] firestation-records.de

Label Manager: Olaf
olaf [at] firestation-records.de

Graphic/Web: Sandra
sandra [at] firestation-records.de